Why Sayulita?


Update: August 2017

Sayulita was everything I hoped it would be. Festival Sayulita was amazing, Aurinko Bungalows was fantastic, and my day trip on a boat to Marietas Islands was so much fun! While I was there, I volunteered at Sayulitanimals, and helped to socialize 2 of their dogs for adoption. It was the perfect trip!

Festival Sayulita is still going strong every January/February, and is the perfect time to plan your trip.

I’d never heard of Sayulita Mexico until about a month ago.  Now that I’ve purchased a plane ticket to it’s closest airport, Puerto Vallarta, it’s time to plan my 2 weeks of heaven and my escape from a Canadian January.  I’m quickly discovering that Sayulita is a secret destination that’s starting to get a lot of attention.  Not to be a secret for much longer.  In fact, just this morning I found out there’s a kickstarter campaign for Festival Sayulita 2015 to make this a world-class destination for music, cinema, art, and surfing, like no place else on earth.  It’s a happy coincidence that this festival will fall smack in the middle of my 2 week vacation.


Flights to Puerto Vallarta

From Toronto, it’s pretty easy to find a flight for around $500.00.   Mind you, you should shop about 16 weeks in advance for the best price.  I found a flight for $450 return from Toronto, hesitated for 24 hours, and ended up paying $500.   For more on finding a great price, go here.  Keep in mind that for the best price, you usually have to sacrifice convenience.  In my case, that means a 57 minute transfer, in Detroit, in the middle of winter (#risky).  However, I’m travelling with a friend who loves adventure, so getting there will be part of the fun.


Airbnb, hotels, campsites, resorts, surfer’s bungalow – it’s all there in Sayulita and at various price points.   We knew we wanted to be frugal, so the resorts and expensive hotels were out.  Frankly, airbnb can have some ridiculous prices too, but we did consider several options.  Knowing Sayulita was booking up fast, (after all, it is a very small town, population: 5,000), we had to choose sooner rather than later.  After days of researching, we settled on Aurinko Bungalows.  It has great reviews on Trip Advisor, is one block from the beach, and what I love most about it, it has an outdoor kitchen!  We’ll be paying $80 USD per night (that’s $40 each, so well within our budget).

Aurinko Bungalows - each bungalow has an outdoor kitchen/patio

Aurinko Bungalows – each bungalow has an outdoor kitchen/patio


And Then There’s Marietas Islands!

For about $60, you can charter a boat to take you on a 3-hour tour to Marietas Islands.  Tour includes whale watching, snorkeling, and a pic nic on this amazing beach.  When I found out how close this place is from Sayulita, I had such an “oh My God” moment!


For $60 you can travel here from Sayulita and enjoy snorkelling, whale watching, and picnicking on this amazing beach!

For $60 you can travel here from Sayulita and enjoy snorkelling, whale watching, and picnicking on this amazing beach!

So I titled my blog post “Why Sayulita?”, yet the most compelling reasons (Festival Sayulita, Aurinko Bungalows and Marietas Islands) were discovered after I made my decision to travel there.  So I suppose my friend and I just have a really good intuition around travel 🙂

I will be posting more about Sayulita once I’ve had some first hand experiences.  Until then, I am loving the fantasy of this place.

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