A Walking Tour of Wynwood Walls

When I knew I would be spending a few days in Miami, I researched “things to do”, and learned about the Wynwood Walls. Wynwood was once a forgotten neighbourhood in Miami, very poor, high crime rate. Just 15 years ago, there was nothing there but closed down shops and abandoned factories, and of course graffiti tags everywhere.

I read the stories of how this neighbourhood rose from the ashes, thanks to some visionaries with real estate plans, and young urban artists who transformed the area into a hip reinvention of urban spaces.

For more information on how Wynwood came to be, watch this 20 minute award-winning documentary on youtube

I took a hop-on-hop-off bus from downtown Bayside. Each loop had its rewards like Little Havana on the purple loop, the iconic art deco of Miami Beach on the red loop, and of course Wynwood Walls on the green loop.

Of all the places to discover, Wynwood was my favourite. The art itself is thought-provoking, political, and has a hippy vibe to it. I recommend anyone visiting Miami to take a walk in Wynwood and be amazed at how cool this place is. The coffee bars and restaurants have an equally hip and urban vibe as well, so be sure to have a bite to eat while you’re there.

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