Vintage Travel Guide (If There Were Travel Blogs in 1964)

When I read an ad in the travel guide for a trip to Europe at only $350, I knew I had to go!  Granted, Pan Am is an American company, so I phoned the bank to find out what today’s exchange rate was, and found out that $350.00 US is actually $378.33 Canadian.  Yes, it’s more than a weeks gross salary, but I’ve been saving up forever and this deal was rare.

I drove to my travel agent immediately to book my trip.  I asked her to make sure I got a seat in the smoking section of the plane. She then faxed my documents out and printed my tickets.  I really like this agent – she’s up on all the latest technology.  She has a brand new Xerox machine that hooks up to her phone line and can transmit a document in 6 minutes!Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.38.26 AM

My agent reminded me to make sure I buy enough travellers cheques.  I laughed – she must think I’ve never travelled before.   I have a checklist at home to make sure I don’t forget certain things in my carry-on purse:

  • traveller’s cheques
  • camera, film
  • bottle of water
  • extra smokes
  • extra nylons

The Day of The Flight:

Super excited!  I picked out the perfect outfit for my flight:  a white dress with a matching suit jacket, and comfortable black leather pumps.  As I said, I’m a very savvy traveller, which is why I know to dress smart for a flight and pack spare nylons in my carry-on (see above).  Can you imagine getting off a plane with a run?!

I really hope my new travel outfit doesn’t clash with the Pan Am stewardess uniform.

The risk you take when travelling - your outfit matches the stewardess :(

The risk you take when travelling – your outfit matches the stewardess 🙁

The porter at the airport was really grumpy when he pulled my suitcases out of the trunk, on to his luggage carrier, and brought them into the terminal.  I suppose it’s heavy work when you have to do it all day long.  When he dropped my luggage off at the counter, I made sure to tip him generously.  Someone should invent wheels for luggage, then maybe travellers could bring their own luggage in.  Then again, that will never happen – it would make airport porters completely obsolete.

The Flight

My flight was super comfortable and seats were so roomy.  It was an overnight flight, so I appreciated the free pillow and blanket after our dinner.  Dinner, by the way was excellent!  “Sunday Roast with Mashed Potatoes and Peas” – it was better than my mom’s (shhhh).  After my dinner, I enjoyed my cigarette, then slept for the rest of the flight.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 6.43.43 AM

In Europe!

Yay!  I’m finally here!  Before I start though, I need to get some postcards from the hotel lobby.  A savvy traveller knows you have to send out your postcards within the first couple days of your trip so people will get them before you arrive home.  Can you imagine how much easier it would be to write just one postcard, push a “send” button, and everyone gets a copy?  C’mon Xerox, surely you could invent something like this for the future traveller.

Until next time….

The Savvy Traveller



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