The $992.80 K-Cup

k-cup I’m not a big coffee drinker.  Usually one cup in the morning and that’s it.           So you can see why I love my Keurig.    Simply drop a little K-cup into the    machine, push a button, and in 30 seconds, a nice hot cup of coffee.  So what does a little k-cup cost?  Well it depends of course if you can find it on sale.  The usual cost though is $11.99 for a box of 12.  That’s roughly $1.00/K-cup.  I know you can get them cheaper if you look, but I’m talking about the typical cost.

During a recent personal challenge to see if I could get by on $100/week for  food, I compared the cost of regular coffee to my beloved K-cup.  I found a pound of Kicking Horse Organic Fair Trade Coffee sitting directly beside my K-cups, for the same price $11.99.  So I picked up the Kicking Horse.  I came home, rummaged through my junk drawer, and pulled out the little doo-hickey that came with my Keurig.  This thing allows you to over-ride the K-cup, and make your own coffee in the Keurig.


Then I wondered.  How many K-cups would a pound of coffee make?  And the measuring began.  The answer?  37.  So at $11.99 a pound, and 37 servings, that amounts to $0.32 per serving.  Remember, the K-cup is $1.00 per serving.  Seems trivial I know, but wait.  I decided if I changed this one little habit over the course of four years (the length of time I will be saving for my trip around the world), how would that translate?  You guessed it….. (1.00 – 0.32) x 365 days a year x 4 years = $992.80.  That’s a lot of money for K-cups!

Not only is Fair Trade coffee a more socially responsible choice, but think of the environmental impact too –  K-cups are not recyclable 🙁

Good-bye my little friends.

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