Quick Dry Travel Towels Sucked…Until Now

I could never, ever understand the attraction to microfibre travel towels. Rubbing these things on your wet skin is like nails on a blackboard, or like biting on tin foil. Yes, they dry quick, but they feel awful.

Microfibre towels are pretty useless if you ask me

Microfibre towels feel awful and if you ask me, they’re pretty useless

Sometimes, you want to pack a regular beach towel to take on your vacation.  The problem is, suitcase real estate is at a premium, so there’s never enough room.  After-all, you can always buy a cheap towel when you get to where you’re going.  But who wants to go shopping as soon as you arrive, and who wants to pay ridiculous tourist prices at the hotel/resort?

I’m always keeping my eye open for the ultimate travel towel, and I believe I finally found it. The Innate Travel Towel is wonderful! I purchased mine online from Mountain Equipment Co-op.  Or you can buy it from Amazon.

Here are 3 important qualities to this towel that I really love:

1.  It’s Really Big!  

The Innate Travel Towel (left) is as big as my beach towel

The Innate Travel Towel (left) is as big as my beach towel

2. It’s Super Absorbent

Unlike most travel towels, this one has a nice plush weave that soaks up the water

Unlike most travel towels, this one has a nice plush weave that soaks up the water

3. It Packs Really Small

The Innate Towel Takes up Half the Space of a Regular Towel

The Innate Towel Takes up Half the Space of a Regular Towel Which Can Make the Difference to Whether it Comes Along With You or Not

Here are some additional perks:

– It’s made of 100% recycled polyester yarn so it’s environmentally friendly

– It dries quick, which is great for re-use day in and day out

I’m so pleased with this towel, that I bought 2.  I have the small one to keep around my neck during outdoor workouts, and the XL one which is the beach towel pictured in this post. When I pack my bags now, I can always include my travel towel.



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  1. Hi Collette, You’ve made my day! I’m the guy from Innate that developed the Active Travel Towel, I’m just thrilled you like it. When I started on this project, I was driven by personal mandate as is so often the case with Innate products; those microfibre towels remind me way too much of a car chamois! I wanted something that had a plush feel, was compact and dried quickly; developing the spec for a towel with that kind of knit was no big deal. Creating a product in keeping with the Innate design philosophy of Leaner Cleaner Greener as not so easy. The only way forward in my mind was to use a 100% post consumer recycled yarn for the knit fabric; this proved to be a product development odyssey almost worthy of Homer.
    The issue was that we needed a near microdenier yarn, but there was no recycled PP material available in this size. For background, a denier is the weight in grams of approx 8000M of yarn, so a yarn that is near microdenier is small and light and if knitted in a pattern like we chose will have lots of exposed surface to dry quickly.
    I made several visit to Taiwan where the government has helped create one of the leading clusters of post consumer collection of PET and PP containers which are then re-polymerized and then extruded into yarn. The issue though is in the quality of the sort of the post consumer material, if it isn’t done carefully and then with proper cleaning prior to repolymerization then you get a fat lumpy yarn suitable for weaving into low performance promotional products. We worked right from the source through cleaning and extrusion and a partner mill to create the first and still only towel on the market knit from 100% post consumer yarn that performs well for travel or active sports.
    We conducted tests on the absorption and drying speed and feel that we’ve hit the sweet spot in this regard.
    To me we’ve achieved what we set out to do; create something useful that looks nice (as much as a towel can) and as a background story has a reduced ecological footprint. Thanks for telling folks about this product and hope this comment is not too boring!

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      Thanks for the comment Greg. That’s awesome that you found my review. I’m about to leave on a fitness retreat to greece. 12 of us from my gym are going, and 6 of us are bringing your towels. Way to invent a great product!

      1. Thanks for the kind words, but not so much an invention as an obsession on an obscurity, still its really gratifying so read about ones work being appreciated. Hey we’d love it if you could take a shot or two on your mobile while away and post it up on our fb or insta pages. If you are ever interested in doing any field testing for us on future trips just let us know; we’ve got some travel storage essentials coming down the pipe with new technologies and construction methods we’ve developed; independent opinions are always valued. Just send us an email with a reference to this blog and we’ll slot you into our program if you are interested.

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  3. Hey collette, I’m planning a backpacking trip soon and am wondering if the mesh bag comes with the towel and the dimensions of the towel once it’s packed up?

    Great review and super helpful!

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      Hey Maddie,
      Yes, the mesh bag came with the XL, the small also came with it’s own little pouch. When stuffed into the bag, the XL measures 8″ x 7″ x 3″ which is pretty impressive. Also, the mesh bag has a small loop on it, so if you’re moving and the towel is still wet, you can clip it on the outside of your backpack with a carabiner so it won’t get the rest of your bag wet. They thought of everything!

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      The blog you read is absolutely correct. I love this towel for the beach – however, I took the smaller one on a hike once, and tied it to the outside of my backpack. By the time I returned, it was full of tiny little leaves from the bushes I brushed up against. Very difficult to remove. It’s a great beach towel, and the sand was no problem – shook right out.

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