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My Next Big Adventure – Movara Fitness Resort!

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I’m booked!  In about 5 months I’ll be embarking on a whole new adventure – a fitness resort.  Most people will be far from jealous, and you couldn’t pay them to go, but I’m excited for many reasons:

The Hiking

I’ve hiked in Utah before, and I loved it.  The scenery of cactus and red rock is beautiful.  My resort vacation includes a 2-3 hour hike every morning after breakfast.

Hiking in Southern Utah

Hiking in Southern Utah

The Food

My 2 week stay includes a total detox from sugar, processed foods and caffeine.  We’ll be served 3 meals, 1 snack and 1 dessert every day, and the calories will be 1200 – 1500.  We can have all the additional fruits and vegetables we want. Reviews of the food are very promising.

Food Promises to Amazing

Food Promises to be Amazing

The Workouts

It’ll be gruelling, and I plan to sweat.  A lot!  But I’m looking so forward to the endorphins  🙂  Workouts will be varied – some cardio, strength, and stretching.  There will also be planned games like volleyball and badminton.  There’s a swimming pool on site as well.

Workouts Promise to be Tough

Workouts Promise to be Tough

The Education

Each evening there will available lectures and cooking lessons.

Cooking Lessons From the Resort's Own Chef

Cooking Lessons From the Resort’s Own Chef

And Then, at the End of the Day….

A Full Service Spa as well as Chiropractic and Acupuncture is Available on Site

A Full Service Spa as well as Chiropractic and Acupuncture is Available on Site

The only negative is that I want to go NOW, but I have to wait.  This place has a comparatively reasonable price, but it still isn’t cheap.  My deposit is paid, but I’ve decided to wait until January 2016 to actually go.  It’ll be when I most need to escape the Canadian winter.  Utah will be cool (average around 16c in the day), but that’s perfect for me!  It’ll also be the new year, a time when I get into resolution mode, so this kick-start will be just what I need.

So what is this magical place?  It’s called Movara Fitness Resort.  All the pictures above, and the video below were taken at the resort.  I’ve done my homework – this place is exactly what I need – I can’t wait!

Movara is just outside St. George Utah, a 2-hour drive from Vegas.  Added bonus – my airmiles will cover the flight and the car rental.  Have I mentioned I’m excited?

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