My Amazing Hiking Shoes

My 7 year old Lowa hiking shoes

My 7 year old Lowa hiking shoes

I have owned these Lowa hiking shoes for seven years.  I tell you with all honesty they have far surpassed all my expectations, and more than worthy of a blog post.  In 2007 I was planning my hike to Machu Picchu.  I needed a pair of hiking shoes that were sturdy, water proof, comfortable, and warm. Enter my Lowa shoes (I have no idea what model name they are…they’re old).

Initially when I went shopping for hiking shoes, I told the salesperson I didn’t care about name brands, and I didn’t care how much money they cost IF they were worth it.  I was looking for value.  He suggested I try on a few different pairs without knowing the brand name or the price, and I could let my feet pick the best shoe.  I have wide feet, so the salesmen picked a few based on my needs.  After trying on several types of hiking shoes, and liking them all, I grabbed the German made Lowas.  They were SUPER lightweight, and when I put them on my feet, they were by far the most comfortable…”SOLD!” There was no hesitation.

For the past seven years these shoes have never let me down.  I’m currently on my 3rd pair of laces!  They are warm enough to wear in the snow (seriously, my feet never get cold in them), yet they are cool enough to wear on a summer hike without getting sweaty feet.  The upper is made from Gore Tex so they are waterproof.  The sole is made by Vibram, and except for a small area on each side, the lugs have stayed deep.

In Canada, you can buy them at Walking on a Cloud for about $280.  Expensive I know, but over the course of 7 years and counting, this is a great investment.

I’m planning on a 100-mile walk in Scotland this spring, and these puppies are the first thing I will pack!

I found this video on youtube to give you some information on one of their newer models.


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