Movara Fitness Resort – Day 10 (Two Inspirational Stories)

There is no typical client here at Movara.  Some people are here to get fit and lose weight, and some people are athletes, here to train.  I’ve met a few interesting people with fascinating stories.  So I’m going to share two inspirational stories of commitment:

Geoff’s Story:  The Reluctant Celebrity

A few years ago, Geoff-from-London decided he needed to quit smoking.  He tried everything but nothing worked.  So he had a friend take him by boat to an uninhabited island in Scotland, and leave him there with a tent and other survival supplies.  He planned to survive alone on the island for one month, and this would force him to get over the cravings. When his local small town newspaper heard about his plan, they asked if they could call him every day and report how he was doing.  Geoff agreed, figuring this was just a little paper, so no big deal.  They interviewed him, but still thought it was just a local interest story.

After the month was over, Geoff found out his story went international, and was not only in the paper, but on tv news, and alive forever on youtube.  The reluctant celebrity did quit smoking, but said the experience didn’t take away the cravings.  He wanted to light a cigarette the minute he arrived home. Probably the real reason he could never go back to smoking he surmised, was because of all the attention surrounding him.

Tami’s Story: 52 Peaks in 52 Weeks

I met Tami Luckie from Texas today.  Tami is an athlete in every sense of the word.  I was impressed with how easily she crushed today’s training.  Tami described her plans when we met: Starting June, 2016, she will climb 52 mountains in 52 weeks.  She’s training here at Movara to get herself ready.  I geek out over stories like Tami’s, so naturally I will be following her adventures over the next year.  Tami’s planning to write a book when she’s done, meanwhile, she’s hoping to get a good social media following.

I just assumed she had always been athletic, but I was wrong. Tami first came to Movara 4 years ago.  She had never stepped foot in a gym, and was 50 pounds overweight! She became an endurance athlete over the past four short years. I’ll share Tami’s facebook page as soon as it’s up, so you can follow her too.

I’m not sure where Tami was hiking today, but I’m sure it was a lot tougher than the hike I was on.  Today’s hike was Scout’s Cave.  It was a difficult 3-hour trek over mud, sand, lava and rock.  My new approach shoes came in very handy as I scrambled over boulders.  The salesman was right, I could feel the grip, and it did improve my confidence. We eventually hiked up to a cave in the wall of one of the red mountains.

Inspirational Stories

That’s Me on the Right, Inside Scout’s Cave

I’ve been here 10 days, and I’m still sore every single day.  This is the hardest I have ever worked, but it feels so great when I reach the top of a climb. Knowing that I will still have 3 more hours in the gym once I get back to the resort.  And when I’m not working out, or sleeping like a boss, I get to hear some truly inspirational stories from people who know what “hard” really is.


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