Survival of the Fittest

Movara Fitness Resort – Day 9 (Survival of the Fittest)

It’s Monday, new people have settled in, and it’s hike assessment day, aka survival of the fittest. Hike assessments are the most difficult because you’re meant to hike as hard as you can. There’s no time to take pictures, pull a water bottle out of your pack, or blow your nose, it’s just go go go!

Today’s hike is Sidewinder.  Very aptly named.  It’s popular with local mountain bikers, and since today is an American holiday, there were plenty of them on the path.  We climbed all the way to the top, and marched back down again.  Total time was 2.5 hours.  I’m attaching something I found on youtube to show the downward trip from a biker’s point of view:

And since there was no time for pictures, I could only manage to grab a quick shot with my iphone:



Since the days are getting warmer, I finally decided to do an outdoor pool class this afternoon.  The pool is super warm, but the air is still cold in comparison. So Susan-from-Kalamazoo taught me the ropes:  She said the secret of survival is to put your robe and towel next to the hot tub.  As soon as the class is about to be over, make a bee-line to the hot tub to warm your bones.  When you get out,  there are only a couple short steps to your robe.  I always listen to the voice of experience.

I went to a cooking demonstration today, and learned the chef’s magic ways to make some of his most popular low calorie dishes, including his “Banana Cream Pie”….soooo delicious. Grape Nuts cereal made up the crust, and the “cream” was a greek yogurt base.  I promise to share the recipe as soon as I get it.

I am super sore right now.  In addition to the Sidewinder hike, and the pool class, I also attended Stretch Class, Circuit Training and Court Challenge (2 minutes at each station twice – stations included burpees, stair runs, battle ropes, etc etc.).  I burned over 3,200 calories today, walked over 28,000 steps, and climbed the equivalent of 120 flights of stairs.

But, when I looked out the window from the dining room and saw the magnificent sunset, I had to take ten more steps to capture it (again, my iphone was all I had available).

This is my View as I Eat Dinner

This is my View as I Eat Dinner

A couple of Tylenol PMs, and I am off to dreamland.

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