Movara Fitness Resort – Day 14 (Heading Home)

My final hike this morning was West Canyon – to the end and back. My “partner-in-crime” Geoff was with me. No one made me laugh at Movara as much as Geoff did.

While we walked, we imagined Road Runner scenarios whenever we saw an opportunity for Wyle E. Coyote to get himself into trouble. That precarious rock teetering on a hill brought me to tears. Maybe it was Geoff’s British accent describing the Coyote’s potential doom that made it so funny.  You had to be there.

Inspiration for a Road Runner Scenario

Inspiration for a Road Runner Scenario

Speaking of road runners, I actually saw my first one today!  I couldn’t get my camera out in time, but I felt lucky to have seen one in real life.  I thought they were just a cartoon to be honest.  And yes, they actually run across the road really fast! I’m not sure if there are coyotes in Utah, but I didn’t see one of those.  Perhaps there was one under that rock.


A road runner – picture courtesy of google

But I digress.  After the hike was done, and we had lunch, it was time for “graduation”. Everyone who was leaving got to view an entertaining video and slides of our week at Movara.  A nice keepsake for everyone. After the video, each person had a chance to say something.  We talked about what made our time there special. I mentioned my observations about the calorie burn I got from hiking, and that zumba burns as many calories as circuit training, so “do what you love”.   Some people talked about how life-changing their stay was and began to cry.   It’s an awesome place, and the program teaches so much about fitness and nutrition….but life-changing?  I don’t know.  I suppose we all have our personal reasons for going to Movara.

The one thing I hadn’t realized before, was the fact that Movara is not just about eating well and exercising, it’s also about self love.  That really resonates for some people. I learned a few personal truths about myself as well.  For example, my all-or-nothing mindset really gets me into trouble!

I’m here now at the Las Vegas airport.  I have several hours to kill before my flight.  As soon as I’m finished posting this, I’m going to open my PDFs of Movara recipes and start making a shopping list.  I am so excited to make some of those awesome dishes for myself.

Although my final results are in,  I won’t share them until I’m home and on my own scale. I want to be sure I’m measuring apples to apples.

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