Movara Fitness Resort – Day 14 (Final Results)

I decided to wait to post my results from Movara so I could compare using my personal scale, and try to keep everything else constant (time of day, what I’m wearing etc.).  If we go back to my post on day 3 – Math Class, I calculated the average number of calories I expected to burn when working out 6 hours/day, I factored in the calories eaten, and used my personal BMR to predict my weight loss.  These numbers were very raw, and they didn’t factor in the change in my BMR as I gain muscle.  I predicted I would lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks.

Change in Measurements

When I arrived at Movara, they measured my chest, waist and hips. When I left, they re-did the measurements:

Chest -1.25″

Waist -1.5″

Hips -1.0″

My total inches lost were 3.75.


Change in BMR

My Basal Metobolic Rate was tested using an Inbody 520 machine.  Among many detailed measurements such as lean body mass and body fat mass, BMI, etc., it tells you how many calories you can eat if you were in a coma (zero exercise) to maintain your current weight.  When I arrived at Movara, my BMR was 1,435, and after 14 days of intense exercise, I was able to raise my BMR to 1448.  This was attributed to my increase in lean body mass.

The Inbody 520 machine

The Inbody 520 machine

Change in Lean Body Mass

My lean body mass increased by 1.3 pounds, meaning I gained 1.3 pounds of muscle.  Muscle burns more calories, which is why my BMR increased.

Change in Body Fat %

According to the Inbody 520, my body fat percentage went down by 1.7%.


Change in Weight

I weighed myself at home the morning I left for Movara, and then weighed myself again once I returned home (all factors being as equal as possible), and I lost 7.9 pounds total (a little more than I predicted).  If I want to consider my muscle increase, then I lost a total of 9.2 pounds of fat.


Initially I was a bit disappointed in my results, because according to the Movara scales (again, taking into account I was being weighed at different times of the day) I only lost a total of 3.3 pounds (or 4.6 pounds of fat).  I thought that number had to be off, I mean how can I only lose 1.65 pounds/week with all that exercise and maintaining under 1,500 calories/day (each meal healthy and well-balanced).  I told myself that since I monitor my weight very closely at home, the true difference will be the results I see when I get back.

The Bottom Line

Movara is a great place to vacation because you enjoy the feeling you get from exercise and eating healthy.  It allows you to focus on yourself while they take care of everything else.  The mathematical losses are really secondary to everything you gain there – knowledge, friendships, fresh air and fitness.


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  1. These are GREAT results, Collette!! Congratulations on all of your hard work. I hope we cross paths again someday, and it would be wonderful if it were at Movara! xo

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