Movara Fitness Resort – Day One (Orientation)

I’m finally here!  I booked this vacation 5 months ago, and anyone who knows me, knows I researched the hell out of the place.  I read every blog that was ever written about Movara.  Only one, maybe two were interesting.  I mean who cares what I ate for dinner and how hard I worked out?  So I decided to do my best to inform without boring you with stats and personal data.

Day one was an orientation day.  I checked into my enormous room (seriously, this room is perfect – I’m happy I decided not to share so I can spread out and enjoy all the comforts of solitude).  There’s no coffee at this resort (something about it interfering with the body’s natural rhythms or something), but having my own room means I’m allowed to bring my own coffee maker 🙂  As I sit here typing, I’m enjoying a fresh brew.  Geez, day one and I’m already breaking the rules!

The people here (maybe 50 guests?) seem friendly enough.  About half are return guests which speaks really well for the place.  I spoke to a woman last night who is here for the 7th time!  Most are Americans, one from Germany, and a few Canadians.  Normally the women far out number the men here, but this week it’s almost 50/50.  We’re all shapes and sizes and ages and backgrounds.   Men were warned since they sweat more than women, they should supplement with electrolytes while here.  I laughed – clearly they have never seen me sweat!  My electrolytes are at the ready.

Here’s the deal with the food (so far absolutely delicious by the way).  If you’re here to lose weight, and only eat what is served to you, you will eat 1200 calories a day.  The 1200 calories/day are nutrient dense and the food is filling.  However, you are encouraged to be mindful and eat when you are hungry.  You are also encouraged to eat a healthy balance of carbs, protein and fat.  To facilitate all this, there is a snack table filled with fruit, almonds, hard boiled eggs, cheese strings, celery and peanut butter – help yourself.  There is also a fully stocked salad bar to enjoy whenever you need.  Salad dressings range from flavoured vinegar (0 calories) right up to a nice creamy blue cheese or ranch option (calories listed for those keeping track).  I’ve decided to eat when I need to eat, and to heed my Nutritionist’s advice by fuelling after a heavy workout whether I feel hungry at the time or not.

So that was day one.  Not much to report, but the real work starts today – day two.  It’s 5:50 am.  I have time to finish my coffee, have a shower, and be in the dining room for 7:00 am breakfast.

My enormous room all to myself

My enormous room all to myself


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