Movara Fitness Resort – Day 5 (up to date stats)

This morning was another amazing hike on a beautiful day.  Although it’s cold out, I only need a light jacket over my t-shirt, and my face is now sun-burned.  My feet have developed a few blisters, but I’m managing them.  My body is sore, but my spirits are high.  I really have fallen in love with this place.  I’ve made some new friends, and all the staff are very attentive, helpful, funny and great at what they do.

Another Gorgeous View

Another Gorgeous View

Another Fantastic Hike Completed

Fantastic Hike Completed

I haven’t mentioned much about the food.  It is incredible!

Today's Lunch - Chicken Caprese with Pumpkin Soup

Today’s Lunch – Chicken Caprese with Pumpkin Soup

Today’s gym classes included Hip Hop (so much fun), Total Body Tabata, then Treading.  Afterwards, I attended the stretch class.  Man I need their stretch classes – I’m SORE.

Lectures today were Nutrition Made Easy from the staff Nutritionist, and Emotional Eating from the Life Coach.  The nutrition class was good – I will absolutely be batch-preparing Mason Jar Salads when I get home!  As for the Emotional Eating lecture, as usual Jen put on a great talk.  She really needs to do a Ted Talk.


For the past 4 days (I don’t count day one since that was more of an orientation), I have:

  • walked 102,251 steps (averaged more than 25,000 steps/day)
  • climbed the equivalent of 431 flights of stairs (it helps that my room is on the 2nd floor)
  • and burned 13,901 calories (less 4,800 calories eaten = a deficit of 9,101 calories = 2.6 pounds)

I won’t weigh myself, but if I lost 2.6 pounds, then my math is pretty accurate.  One thing is for sure – it’s taking me a lot more effort to get my heart rate up. It’s funny, but in four short days, my heart is much more efficient.  I’m using a chest heart rate monitor from Orangetheory (made by Polar) along with their app.  I used to be able to hit 84-92% of my max heart rate pretty quick.  Now I have to push super hard to get to that level.  In one sense it’s frustrating, but it means I’m becoming fitter 🙂

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