Movara Fitness Resort – Day 3 (Math Class)

I’m settled in now.  I know the routine, I don’t get lost anymore looking for the court, and I’ve learned the first names of several of the other guests.  I feel so comfortable here, and love the program so much, that I’ve started to calculate how much time I could afford to spend here during my 2018 sabbatical.  I met several people who came for a week, and ended up staying 4 or 5!  I could see myself being one of those people.

Today’s hike started off with a bit of a scramble, and some careful rock stepping across streams that hadn’t frozen over.  We walked in some snow, and I ended up with a wet foot pretty fast into the hike.  This ended up causing a couple of blisters.  On a positive note, there was a big sand hill we had to climb which normally entails 2 steps up, and slide back 1.  Because the sand was semi-frozen, we got up the hill pretty quick.

I found it interesting to see cactus and snow existing together. I never pictured the desert with snow.

I found it interesting to see cactus and snow existing together. I never pictured the desert with snow.



The scenery on this hike wasn’t awe-inspiring, but I found the petroglyphs quite interesting.

I attended 2 cardio classes, a stretch class, a yoga class, and two lectures today.

The lectures are fantastic!  The first one was called All or Nothing Thinking.  The life-coach Jen, is such a good speaker, and this topic had me laughing hard.  Jen really needs to present this material on a Ted Talk.  Anyone who has ever struggled with their weight, or any other problem for that matter, would benefit from hearing this talk.

The second lecture was “math class”.  We learned about how each and every one of us are different, and how to calculate our caloric needs.  In my case, in order to lose weight, I would have to eat under 1,835 calories.  My basal metobolic rate (BMR) is 1435 calories (calculated by using a bioelectric analysis machine), adding a very conservative 400 calories for walking, eating, and all non-exercise activities, gets me 1835.

Factoring in exercise:  One thing we learned in math class is that people tend to under-estimate the calories they consume by 40%, and they over-estimate the calories they burn by 60%.  According to my polar chest monitor, I burned 1,232 calories during my 2 hour hike and two cardio classes.  So:

BMR 1435    +     day-to-day living and breathing 400    +     exercise  1232      =     3067 calories burned

3067 calories burned   –    1200 calories eaten   =   1867 calories

Now, knowing that one pound = 3500 calories, if I worked out like this every day, and ate like this every day, I would lose a pound every 1.874 days.  In seven days, that means I should lose 3.73 pounds.  After spending 2 weeks here, I could expect to lose 7 pounds.

The point of all this is that no one works out this much every day, or eats like this at every meal.  Expecting to lose weight at a rate of even 3 pounds/week is utterly ridiculous.  This is why living in a normal world, losing 1 pound/week is a great achievement and one that is likely very sustainable.

I didn’t spend all this money, or work this hard to lose 7 pounds.  That’s ok, because my purpose for coming here wasn’t to return home thinner.  My purpose was to re-boot my fitness and learn about treating my body better.  Based on just 3 days here, I believe I will get my money’s worth and so much more.  No wonder people get frustrated with their weight, and no wonder the weight-loss industry is so huge.  People by nature want a quick fix and that’s what ends up being their down-fall.


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  1. Well said and thank you for sharing this information with honesty and in an inspirational way. look forward to seeing and hearing more on your return. Jan

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