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Loveland Castle and the Legend of Harry Andrews

A fascinating story comes to life just outside Cincinnati Ohio. Chateau LaRoche is a hand-made castle, built by one man, brick by brick, stone by stone. The builder was Harry Andrews, who hadn’t quite finished his castle when he died at the age of 91, in 1981.

Harry Andrews

Harry’s Time in the Morgue

But well before he started on his castle, Harry served at Camp Dix in New Jersey, when he came down with meningitis. There was no treatment back then, and like 7,000 other soldiers, Harry was pronounced dead, and spent several days in the morgue.

Harry’s body was being prepared for burial, but doctors needed a bacterial culture first. When they cut his palate, they noticed he was bleeding. He was alive! Doctors had nothing to lose, so they tried adrenaline for the first time. They plunged a needle into his chest, and caused his heart to beat.

No one expected Harry to live for very long. He weighed 89 pounds, and was blind and paralyzed. But day by day, his health improved. He was truly a miracle. Doctors used his antibodies to create a blood bank and saved many of the other soldiers with the new vaccine.

After the War

Harry finished his service in the south of France, in a hospital called Chateau LaRoche. He then returned home at the age of 28 and studied architecture. Then, at the age of 37, he purchased a parcel of land in Loveland Ohio (just outside Cincinnati).

Harry never married. For the next 54 years, he worked on his castle. Every stone was carried, by him, from the river nearby. He made bricks by forming cement in milk cartons (donated by locals). He called his castle Chateau LaRoche, but tourists know it as Loveland Castle.

Loveland Castle

In the picture above, you’ll see the oven on the roof of Loveland Castle. Harry was burning some leaves and brush one day, and the wind picked up, catching him on fire. He survived the fire, but when gangrene took over one of his legs, Harry refused the recommended amputation, and died at age 91.

Harry Andrews

Loveland Castle

Chateau LaRoche

If you find yourself near Cincinnati, take the time to visit the castle. It costs a mere $5.00, and you can walk through the entire place. For more information on the castle, click here.


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