Local Guide Series: Niagara Falls

Probably the most popular tourist destination in the world, Niagara Falls hosts 12 million tourists every year.  While I highly recommend the standard attractions like The Maid of the Mist and Clifton Hill, I promise you’ll quickly tire of the pushing crowds and high price tags.

Thankfully, there is a tour company that will take you away from the crowds on a private 1.5 hour walk through the peace and quiet, down through the gorgeous Niagara Glen, and back up again. You’ll smell the fresh water from the gorge and hear the sounds of birds and insects as you wander beneath the cool shade of the trees and giant rocks.


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You can choose one of two tours:

  1. The Natural Connection Tour gives you an opportunity to connect deeply with the forest and powerful Niagara River. You’ll learn fascinating history of the first people of this area, natural medicines, and geological history of the area.  You will go away feeling more connected to the Nature of Niagara Falls.

The Natural Connection Tour includes:

  • A 1.5 hour guided walking tour through the ancient Niagara Glen
  • Time to connect with Nature
  • Optional smudging ceremony and water blessing

This tour is $35 per person
$120 for a group of up to 4 people
$155 for a group of up to 6 people

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2.  The Yoga Nature Tour – Gentle Yoga stretches and Nature meditations deepen the experience of being present in this beautiful and rich location.

This tour includes:

  • A one hour Yoga session with Nature meditation
  • Optional smudging ceremony and water blessing
  • Yoga mat usage and 30 minute guided walk.

     This tour is $40 per person

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Meet Christa

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Christa Barette is a Licensed Tour Guide and an official Niagara Falls Ambassador, she is also a certified Yoga Teacher.

A self-proclaimed Tree Hugger, Christa is a beautiful mix of quirky and professional.  She has a thorough knowledge of the geological history of the area, and keeps her tour interesting with stories of the Native people who once lived there.   With a beautiful sense of humour, you’ll enjoy Christa’s unusual laugh as the tour moves along.  She is truly in her element as she takes you through her most favourite place on earth.

Christa keeps her tour groups very small, after all what’s the point of a nature tour if you have to push your way through a crowd in order to hear the guide?  For this reason, it’s recommended you reserve your Natural Niagara Tour spot in advance, by contacting Christa directly:

You can contact Christa at 905-353-5323, or email her at naturalniagaratours@gmail.com


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