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Local Guide Series: Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Unless you plan to spend a lot of time in one place, there is only one way to find the best places to visit in Costa Rica, and that is to hire a local tour guide.  Often a lot cheaper than you’d expect, tour guides will make sure you get the most out of your stay.

Local Guides do what they do because they love their home and have a sincere desire to share it with you.  This isn’t just a job for them, because this is their passion.  Local guides are far more likely to change the itinerary and customize your tour, especially if you hire them one-on-one.

The problem is, how do you know which guide is the best, and how do you get the best service?  This is why I’ve decided to write a series of posts dedicated to my personal experience with some of the most incredible guides in the industry.  I have not compared them with others, but simply know these people, and recommend them to be honest, VERY knowledgable, and personable.  I would recommend these guides to my friends and family, and to you of course.

Introducing:  66d0be_0acf79e0a24042cfbf50338b2534727b

Campina Expeditions offers unique experiences in Costa Rica from birdwatching tours to hiking and mountain biking adventures.  You’ll get away from the tourist traps, and enjoy the country like a local.  Most of Campina’s tours happen in Turrialba, about 90 minutes from the Capital City of San Jose.


The Turrialba Valley is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica because it combines beautiful landscapes, world class white water,  and a birder’s paradise all in one place.

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Book a stay in Turrialba, and get up early for the Turrialba Active Tour.  You’ll take public transportation to the town of Guayabo (about 30 minutes).  Once you arrive, you will enjoy a typical Costa Rican breakfast. Around 8 am you will go to the Guayabo Archeological Monument, an architectural jewel of Costa Rica and Central America.

You will walk for about 2 hours, spotting sloths, many species of birds, vipers and more.


Next, you will hop on to your MTB and start your tour on a rural gravel road uphill for about 8km until it connects with a paved road.  Here you’ll start a 12 km downhill ride to Turrialba. You’ll stop for lunch in a Soda or Costa Rican restaurant.

After your delicious meal, you’ll go to CATIE, one of the highlights in this town. You’ll go on a nature walk looking for wildlife as well as learning about a great variety of different plantations such as sugar cane, cocoa, palm, coffee and more.

This 9-10 hour day tour costs just $110.00.

Introducing Danny:


I met Danny over two years ago when he was my tour guide in Costa Rica.  He would get up a couple of hours before anyone else so he could get in his morning run.  This man has more energy than most 20 year olds!  Typical of most Costa Ricans, Danny loves nature and would protect the lush, clean landscapes with everything he has.

I’ll always remember Danny for his crazy talent for spotting birds.  He would point to the distance and say something like “see that tree with the big knot where the trunk forks into a Y?….ok now look to the left of that knot…now look up to that clump of leaves with the hanging branch….see that white speck?….”  how he could spot these birds with a naked eye is beyond me.

Danny takes his work seriously, but always has time to laugh and go with the moment. He would be thrilled to show you some of the best places to visit in Costa Rica.

To meet Danny and to get more information, go to the Campina Expeditions Website.

If you have any questions for Danny, you can contact him here.




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