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Lift Heavy, Run Fast, Drink Ouzo – Consider Fitness Travel

Fitness travel – putting together a passion with your travel plans.  I love that idea, and I plan to do more of it.

So imagine this:  every morning you wake up early, meet your coach with your other travel mates, work out, then for the rest of the day you are hiking, exploring your new surroundings, and learning about a new culture.

Greg Carver, the owner of Strengthbox is following through on his long time dream to lead annual fitness trips to Greece.  For the past several years he has been honing and developing this trip.  I went in 2014. We visited Athens, Napflio and the island of Ikaria – a Blue Zone, where the locals live well past the age of 90 with little incidence of cancer or dementia.

The accommodations are varied, but always charming and characteristic of the area. No single supplements either. If you’re travelling solo, Greg will do his best to pair you up with a partner to share room costs, or you can elect to have your own room at its full price.

Is This Trip For Me?

From his website:

The trip involves physical training and several moderately-difficult hikes. All levels of fitness are welcome, although some existing base of physical ability is expected. While not strict requirements, the following self-assessment may help you decide if this trip is right for you (you don’t have to be able to do them all, but the more you can do — the better):

  • you can hike on uphill, uneven terrain
  • you can run/walk 5k at a  comfortable pace;
  • you can deadlift  your own bodyweight (men) or half of your bodyweight (women);
  • you can do at least 3 pullups (men) or 7 assisted/jumping pullups (women);
  • you can do at least 10 pushups (men), or with knees on the floor (women);
  • you can high-jump at least 20 inches (men), or at least 12 inches (women);
  • you can perform at least 15 walking lunges while maintaining stability and control; and,
  • you have a positive, flexible attitude.

You don’t have to live nearby or even belong to his gym to join in the trip.  If you’re interested in themed travel, think about going on a fitness trip.  From my own experience, I would highly recommend Travels by Nature.


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