I Fell in Love in Sayulita and So Can You.

Last fall my friend Sara and I were planning our trip to Sayulita, Mexico.  We looked forward to spending time on the beach, the Sayulita Festival, and just chilling for two weeks.  It wasn’t enough for me though.  I like to be busy.

I Went Online and I Fell Down the Internet Rabbit Hole

That’s when I found Sayulitanimals.  It’s a small dog rescue run by Sara Briner.  I emailed Sara and asked her if I could help out in any way.  She was very gracious and appreciated my offer.  I was given a list of needed items, and began to collect donations from my friends and co-workers.

A few weeks later I arrived in Sayulita armed with dozens of collars and leashes, medications and grooming products.  We found our way to the rescue and that’s where I met him.  He didn’t even notice me when I arrived.  In fact he did his best to avoid eye contact. His name was Shmultzie and he was terrified of his own shadow.  He probably had no contact with humans before Sara found him hiding under a tree by the road.

The Challenge Begins

“He can’t be adopted out until we train him to walk on a leash” Sara told me.  Challenge accepted!  Every day I walked back to the rescue and worked with Schmultzie.  I brought delicious canned dog food and a spoon.  After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach right?


My First Day with Shmultzie

Each day we celebrated little victories.  Just getting him to stand up with the collar around his neck was difficult…but we persevered.  I remember when I got as far as the door and Schmultzie let me take him on the grass…I was so proud of him!!  After that, the goal was getting to the street corner (one block took about half an hour).


Puddles Are Scary 🙁

A few days before I was ready to leave, Schmultzie began to show real progress.  His confidence soared, and he became a truly happy dog!  Just in time too, because Sara found him a home!  He was going to fly out the same day as me, to somewhere in the northwest US.  Oh Schmultzie, you’re going to LOVE snow.


10 Days Later….Proud and Confident!

If You Love Someone, Set Him Free

I was emotional when I had to say good-bye to Schmultzie.  He touched my heart, and I still think of him.  Being a part of Sayulitanimals was the best part of my vacation.


With Leah and Schmultzie

How You Can Fall in Love Too

If you want to help Sayulitanimals with a cash donation, supplies, or volunteer work, please contact Sara Briner at Sayulitanimals.

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