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The Fanny Pack is Back – Join the Revolution Today!

That’s right, love them or hate them, they’re back from the 80’s in full glory!  When I was at Lululemon the other day and saw the pink florescent beauties on display I rejoiced “finally!”  I’ve always loved the fanny pack and have my own secret collection of four, but when Lululemon gives a nod, you know you’re ok to rock the fanny pack in public.

Lululemon calls these little rockstars “Free Spirit Bags“, which brings me to this:  No matter if you call them bum bags, belt packs, hip sacks, buffalo pouches, waist packs, butt packs, waist wallets or moon bags, they are the same thing….they are fanny packs!

One more thing – fanny packs can be worn by men or women, young or old, gay or straight….it really doesn’t matter.  The style, size, functionality, colour, and fabric are yours to enhance your personal style.

Where Do You Need a Fanny Pack & How Do They Improve Your Life?

  1. At the beach – carry your sunscreen with you wherever you go, therefore fanny packs prevent skin cancer.
  2. At an outdoor festival – you can raise your hands in the air like you just don’t care, therefore fanny packs prevent depression.
  3. Shopping – allows you to use your hands to carry more shopping bags because you aren’t encumbered by a purse, therefore fanny packs help the economy.
  4. Going for a walk – lets you keep your necessities with you without lugging a purse on your shoulder, therefore fanny packs prevent shoulder injuries and improve posture.
  5. Running a lawn sale – a great place to keep change for those quick and easy transactions, therefore fanny packs enhance the customer experience.
  6. Going for a run – a sleek fanny pack will hold your phone while you listen to your motivating music tracks, therefore fanny packs help to keep you fit.
  7. On the subway – keeps your valuables where no one would dare steal from you, therefore fanny packs reduce crime.
  8. Hiking – keeps your camera accessible, therefore fanny packs enable epic photography.  Warning – the fanny pack below is for experienced fanny packers only.

fannypack 3



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