Doggy Vacay

My sweet long-haired chihuahua, Tamale, turns 10 years old this fall.  To celebrate, I thought it would be nice to take him on a vacation.  Although he enjoys his vacation home in Markham, sometimes it’s nice to be asked to come along…so I asked:

“Tamale, would you like to go on a vacation this fall to celebrate your 10th birthday?”

yes please

Well that was easy.  So, where to go?  I have to keep in mind that there are some places in the world where he’d need to be quarantined.  So Australia’s out.  Also, I need to be aware there are some places that have unusual food or ticks, or some other thing that Tamale has not built an immunity for.  So Africa is out.  Even though he’s a chihuahua, Tamale has a very thick coat and wouldn’t tolerate the heat.  So Mexico is out.  Our choices are narrowing.

So I asked Tamale:

What would you like to do on this vacation?  Would you like an active vacay?  Or maybe just chill out somewhere?  Or maybe you’d be interested in voluntourism?


Interesting!  And it just so happens Tamale has experience on apple farms!

Where would we find this apple farm?


Quebec! YES!  They grow awesome apples in Quebec!

556535_10151568547191082_686883415_n 1264840_10151568546736082_997731423_o

What a great idea!  If we went in September, that would be an ideal time to volunteer – it will fall into the harvest season.  And it’s a nice time of year for a vacay because the weather is starting to cool down, and the leaves turn beautiful colours.  Quebec is also close to Vermont.  Maybe we could get some hiking in!  I wonder if I should pack my hiking boots just in case.

i think you should

“Can you think of anyone who might want to go hiking in Vermont with me?”



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