“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin

What is Diverbo?

Diverbo is language school in Spain that teaches English to Spaniards. Their clients are adult professionals (although they do have a teen program). What makes Diverbo unique, is their immersion program. Diverbo PuebloIngles invites 15 – 25 native English speakers from Canada, Australia, UK and US to volunteer to each of the resorts for one week, and speak English pretty much non-stop with their clients. Clients already have a good level of English, but now they get to experience accents, idioms and common phrases from Anglos from around the world.

I’m writing this post because I was just accepted as an Anglo volunteer! I’ll be posting about Diverbo this spring.

What’s in it for the Volunteers?

Anglos (the term they use for English volunteers), get free accommodation, free food, free wine, and free transport from and back to Madrid. The location I selected is in La Alberca. This mountain village in rural Spain is about 4 hours from Madrid, and close to the border of Portugal. I’ll be staying in a rustic, 4-star villa in the mountains.

What’s not included, is my flight to Madrid, and my hotel before and after the program. I’ve never been to Madrid, so I decided to arrive 2 days early so I can tour the city.

Villas in La Alberca – Abadia de los Templarios Hotel

Friends for Life

I would never do anything like this without thorough research. Something that really stood out for me was that in every Anglo review, they claim they’ve made “friends for life.”  I’m not really surprised, because Diverbo’s application process is very specific. You must show that you are friendly, talkative, and interesting. Extroverts like me tend to make friends easily. After completing my application, which included a section where I talked about myself, my interests, my experiences etc. I thought I gave them lots to work with. However I received an email back, asking me to talk more about my travels. Ha! that’s easy!

Diverbo tries to match Anglos and students based on their common interests and experiences. So I can see how it would be very easy to make friends there. I told the volunteer coordinator that I plan to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain from April to May, 2018. I’m hoping to meet someone who has done this walk, and we can talk about it ad nauseam.

How to Apply

Diverbo accepts applications from their website. You must be a native English speaker, and they prefer that you have little or no knowledge of Spanish. You need to convince Diverbo that you are friendly, interesting and talkative. I applied to the program in June 2017 and received my invitation in November. Once I’ve had a successful term, my future applications will be prioritized as a veteran of the program.

Stay Tuned

I leave for Spain on February 27, 2018 and will begin the program on March 2. I am beyond excited, and fully expect this to be an amazing experience.


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