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Destination: Middle Earth

I have four years to plan my trip, and I’m not 100% sure exactly where I’ll go, but one place is certain:  New Zealand.  Why?



Look how absolutely gorgeous it is!  I know there are places equally beautiful in the world, but something about New Zealand has always called to me.  I’ve never been there because it’s so far, you really need to arrange at least a month, and it’s so expensive to fly to.

But now that I have a year to travel, I will be adding New Zealand to the itinerary.  The spring shoulder season is October/November.  I’ll likely go then.

In planning my itinerary, I want to make sure I plan enough details to make the most of my time and my budget, but also leave a lot of room open to go with the flow.  I’ll likely take Intrepid‘s 22 day tour of both the north and south islands.  Then hang out on my own for a bit, and country hop on my flights home.  I would need about $10 – $12,000 for this leg of my trip.

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