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Cutting Costs – My Gym Membership

In order to save money for my travels, I have to think long and hard about my current expenses, and where to trim.  Someone asked me the other day if I was going to quit the gym.

Back when I belonged to the big box gym, I would have quit.  Pushing through 50 other clients to get a spot so hopefully you can see the instructor; seeing the same people every Thursday night in step class, and not knowing anyone’s name; doing the same thing week after week after week, until they change the music, change the sequence of your steps, and call it a “new release”; yeah, I would have quit the gym.

But that was then.  Going to the gym 5x a week is no longer the punishment it used to be.  I joined StrengthBox 10 months ago, and it is a completely different experience.  There’s a sense of community there that I have never experienced in a gym before.  Classes are small, and you know everyone’s name.  You actually TALK to people, and cheer each other on.  The instructor KNOWS me, and knows my weaknesses and strengths, and helps me to achieve the most I can no matter what the workout is.  He also helps the 25 year old muscle-man standing next to me achieve the best HE can.  And at the end of the workout, me and muscle-man can high-5 each other, both panting and sweaty, and both having achieved the very best we could.  How awesome is that?



The owner of my gym, Greg Carver really cares about his clients and his community.  He organizes a fundraiser each year for a local hospital, and he even hosted a surprise baby shower for one of his clients.  He had a StrengthBox onesie made up for the baby, with a dumb-bell rattle to go with it.  Greg also includes his clients in a cow-share, so we can benefit from some of the best grass-fed beef around.


And….how many gyms invite you to work out in Greece?!


Besides all that, the workouts are amazing.  You never know what to expect, except that it will be fun, it will be hard, and you will walk out feeling exhausted and amazing.  It’s mobility, strength and circuit work in every class.  The BEST gym I have ever belonged to.

Will I quit the gym?  HELL NO!  Spending money on my health and my fitness is a wise investment.  Spending it at StrengthBox makes the effort fun.  It better be fun, I plan to cut my entertainment budget way back!

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