Get Inspired to Travel Solo!

If you feel you’re missing out because you don’t think you can, or want to take a solo trip, let me set you straight:

You will get inspired, and you’ll quickly figure out that you can go anywhere you want, and no one needs to hold your hand. You’ll soon strap on your big-girl hiking boots and become a travel beast! It’s really quite simple when you think about it:

I’m not 20 anymore. Hell, I’m not even 40 anymore. My career is well-established. I’ve raised my child, and she’s now raising a family of her own. I’m divorced, and free to do whatever I want. This is an awesome time in my life!

Warning: Your Solo Trip Can Be Addictive

My first solo trip was in 2007 when I went to Peru. I was a little scared, but it was also invigorating! I’ve travelled to 17 more countries since then. Although I often travel solo, I’m never lonely. I enjoy turning strangers into friends, and will often join small group adventures. There are literally thousands of options – no single supplements attached.

I began my travel blog in 2013 as a jumping off point for my sabbatical in 2018. That’s when I intend to take my travel repertoire from pretty cool, to epic. My sabbatical begins with a 21-day journey named The Spirit of Shackleton where I will venture with soon-to-be-friends to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica. British Explorer Ernest Shackleton led this expedition 100 years ago, and we will follow in his footsteps. This trip will take place in January 2018, and just putting down my deposit gave me goose-bumps.

So How Will You Be Inspired?

You don’t have to travel to Antarctica to have an epic time. You get to lead the way, because this is your journey. Close your eyes and let your imagination take you anywhere in the world. The hard part is over, now all you have to do is execute.

Let me start by being completely frank; I’m not about the all-inclusive, or the tourbus junket. I’m also not going to sleep in an $8.00/night hostel. I like adventure, but I’m happiest when I can crash in a comfortable bed, and take a hot shower in the morning. Let me give you a few examples:

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